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“My son was accepted to both UCC and Crescent. And my daughter received an offer from Havergal. We are extremely happy and wanted to share this news with you. I couldn't believe that UCC's lower school principal came to my house (and) delivered the offer in person. And Crescent left a large school tie sticker on our door this morning. It was a big surprise! Again, thank you so much for all your help and we couldn't have done it without you! Thank you!” – SSAT – Jeffrey L.


“We wanted to let you know that Annique got into UTS. We wanted to thank you for helping her with the SSAT and with the stage 2 interviews. ” – SSAT – Nancy B.


“[The instructor] really knows what he's talking about. Amazing processes to help kick start LSAT studying.” – LSAT – Laura J.


“Today I received my November SAT scores. I got 2400! Not only did I maintain my 800 in Reading, I also increased my Writing by 70 points, to 800, and my Math by 120 points, to 800. I thank you sincerely for your helping me prepare for the SAT. I could tell over the months when I was preparing that my skill in each SAT section was steadily increasing. I am extremely fortunate to have had an SAT tutor as knowledgeable, intelligent, articulate, and helpful as you are! Again, thank you very much!” – SAT – Socrates L.


“The small class size and separation of important material from unnecessary info were helpful.” – DAT – Brandon L.


“Thank you so much for all your help! I got accepted to Harvard! I am so excited!” – Consulting – Jason L.


“I really liked the small class size, so it allowed for much more personal question-answer opportunities. Also, it was helpful to have an instructor highlight the "high-yield" topics that are most likely to be on the exam. Thank you. I really enjoyed the course. I found it was helpful for learning the material. An overall great investment.” – MCAT – Sarah F.


“I loved [my teachers], they were really patient and enthusiastic about teaching! I came out of this way more confident about taking the SAT test. The group discussion, one-on-one tutoring, and reviewing homework as a class were helpful.” – SAT – Annika E.


“I would recommend Ivy Global to everyone I know. My teacher (John) was nothing short of amazing. He was encouraging, helpful, patient, considerate, and very knowledgeable. I don't know if I would be where I'm currently at with the test without him.” – LSAT – Thu Hyuen (Annee) N.


“Both were fantastic instructors. They approached challenging topics from multiple angles and helped me to get comfortable with SAT logic and strategy.” – SAT – Megg M.


“Thank you Ivy Global! I'll be starting at Yale this fall! So excited! Just wanted to let you know!” – Consulting – Emma K.


“The small class sizes, day-to-day schedules, and in-depth textbooks were great. Douglas was always willing to help out with any problems or questions. His caring and easy attitude made learning feel more like a discussion group among peers rather than impersonal lectures common to university and college classes.” – MCAT – Jeffrey N.


“Ivy Global is awesome for SAT prep!” – SAT – Connie D.


“I just finished your weekend LSAT class. I just wanted to say that you are by far one of the best teachers I've ever had! I did a logic game section today and I got 18/22 and my mistakes were silly. I actually understood every set up and how to do each question. This number, while not perfect, is ridiculous because I got 9/23 on the practice test from Friday. The jump in number is massive but the fact that there were no surprises, no moments of feeling stuck or just plain lost is astounding! I still have a ton of work to do before I write, but this is the first time I've finished a section with a smile. Thanks again for all the tips and explanations!” – LSAT – Christina V.


“I received my LSAT result on Monday and I wanted to let you know that I scored a 173. I just want to thank you for your suggestion and encouragement to take an LSAT prep course. The input from Ivy Global was an important factor in my success and I am very glad that I chose to attend a course there. Thanks again and have a good summer.” – LSAT – Matt F.


“Prior to taking this course, I wasn't sure what to expect on the SAT, but once I took Ivy Global's three week prep course, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses, and now I can work towards achieving my goals. Thanks, Ivy Global.” – SAT – Saad S.


“As you know I received my acceptances on Thursday. I am thrilled to report that I have been accepted to the Wharton School of Business at UPenn! This news absolutely made my year and I must thank you for all of your help.” – Consulting – Jack F.


“I found the debates and breakdown of formulas really helped me understand [the SAT exam] fully. I loved the social activities where everyone is open and shares different strategies and points of view.” – SAT – Chad B.


“Before Ivy Global logic questions on the LSAT made me cringe. But after the classes at Ivy Global, I am able to tackle these questions with greater confidence.” – LSAT – Jeffrey Y.


“I found the tips and tricks for grammar and reading very, very useful. The book(s) provided were also very helpful in studying for the exam. I found it helpful that we took up questions in class and discussed them as a group. This gave me a better understanding of what we were doing.” – SAT – Madhavan D.


“The course gave a broad and helpful overview of the SAT test. The Ivy Global course book is well formatted and thorough. The staff are all very friendly and dedicated to their work (especially (our instructor)).” – SAT – Megan N.


“At first, I was going to take on the LSAT without a proper training course and to my own disapproval I would have been obliterated. The Weekend Crash Course provided a Diagnostic Test that rightfully put me in my place. A friend from university encouraged me to come to Ivy Global, and after taking the six week course, as well as the excellent guidance from all the instructors (who are all T-1000 Arnold Schwarzenegger Test Takers!), I'm very confident that my next encounter with the LSAT will be in my favor.” – LSAT – Jose G.


“I enjoyed taking the course, this seems like an excellent option for learning to improve my LSAT score. I liked the course overall, particularly the diagnostic test on the first day.” – LSAT – Conlin D.


“I found that the instructor was very understanding. Sarah taught our class very well and she had a lot of experience.” – LSAT – Cameron H.


“The LSAT prep course offered by Ivy Global was extremely helpful. Sarah was able to address questions and any concerns immediately. Her practical and direct approach of teaching the course was very much appreciated. Thanks again!” – LSAT – Rosetta B.


“This course was very helpful at making sure that I knew and understood everything and if I didn't (instructor) would help me understand it more.” – SSAT – Katie C.


“Instruction format was very helpful, as well as the availability of [the instructor] to stay after class for every need regarding the sections.” – LSAT – Aida K.


“[The instructor] tailored his class so the needs of each individual would be met. He made this prep course fun, informative and was very charismatic.” – LSAT – Jenny S.


“I found it helpful that (instructor) explained stuff really well and wouldn't mind explaining a second time. (Instructor) is really nice and is a really good instructor.” – SSAT – Nora H.


“I came into the Intensive Morning Course knowing very little about how to even tackle any type of LSAT question effectively. I came out of the course much more confident in my ability to maximize my speed and accuracy level for answering each type of LSAT question.” – LSAT – Winnie P.


“The only regret I have is not taking this course sooner. It provides you wtih techniques and strategies that are essential to doing well on this test.” – LSAT – Monika K.


“The LSAT course I took at Ivy Global helped me feel much more confident about my abilities to do well on the test. Thanks so much!” – LSAT – Athena P.


“Great teacher, very patient and uses excellent processes to teach material.” – LSAT – Daniel L.


“Taught very efficient LG processes, efficient diagnostic(s), well organized class structure, very flexible & approachable (instructor)” – LSAT – Noah R.


“Awesome teacher! Extremely helpful and even helped make a study schedule after class was over. The small class made it easier to ask questions.” – LSAT – Fiona S.


“All was super helpful because I knew nothing about the LSAT at the beginning of the course. The in-class practice and then reviewing it was great because you could pick out mistakes right away.” – LSAT – Emily G.


“Going through each section of math, reading, and writing was very helpful, as well as reviewing test-taking strategies and techniques. I had fun and I'd definitely recommend [the SAT course] to people.” – SAT – Fayola B.


“The instructions on critical reading and math were helpful. This was a great course!” – SAT – Kristen M.


“I found this course extremely helpful for narrowing down areas of weakness as well as providing specific processes for what to do in specific situations.” – LSAT – April W.


“All very helpful. Logic Games were particularly important for me. Feeling confident with a strict [LSAT] study plan to move forward with.” – LSAT – Derek M.


“[The class] was a great experience and helped me understand key strategies for success.” – SAT – George P.


“Great instructors. The strategies course [MCAT] is perfect for a student with a science background.” – MCAT – Sonja D.


“[The curriculum] was very insightful. Covered everything in a condensed time! Will definitely help me in writing my LSAT. Gives you the basics and essentials to prepare for the test.” – LSAT – Aleks A.


“Great job in the overall course. The examples and practice tests were very helpful. Chung-Sang is a FANTASTIC instructor.” – MCAT – J.Z.


“The instructor was fantastic, casual, and made for not only a relaxed but also productive work environment. His step by step approaches to solving LSAT question types really helped me understand how to look at the LSAT questions in a different light, and pick my answers accordingly. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking a better understanding of the LSAT process, however would more highly recommend a longer session due to the potential of personal progress that this short course made evident.” – LSAT – Jonathon A.


“Thought I'd email you to say that I got a 164 on my February LSAT. Thank you so much for all your help and for believing in me. If I had more time, with your help, I'm sure I would've done even better. Even so, going from a 150 on my first ever test to a 164 was something I never thought I'd be capable of and I want to thank you for it.” – LSAT – Andreea A.


“I've received most of my decisions from the US universities, and so far I am happy to say that I got into Dartmouth and Brown. Thank you to all the people at Ivy Global who worked with me and helped my application for around 4 months. Thank you so much!” – Consulting – Daniel K.


“Thank you very much Ivy Global! I got into Wharton School of Business at UPenn! Thank you so much for all your hard work!!” – Consulting – Barbara K.


“The strategies that we have been taught have been extremely beneficial, and will undoubtedly improve our scores on the ACT, as well as build our confidence about taking the test. ” – ACT – Caitlin M.


“I found the environment very positive, the instructor made us feel okay about making mistakes by showing us what and how we could improve.” – ACT – Artur K.


“I found the strategies on the reading section especially helpful. I found my competence in this section improved. Moreover, the advice on the science section was very good, and saved me a ton of time.” – ACT – Rob D.


“I think (instructor) was a great teacher. I really learned things that could help me a lot. I got to learn strategies and tips that would get me a better mark. Whenever you needed help, the teachers would always help you and explain in detail. The teachers are all very king and positive." ” – SSAT – Alyssa L.


“(Instructor) was a great teacher who never went off-topic and always thoroughly explained confusing questions. The books (especially the math textbook) were helpful, and taught me many new things. The course was very fun and beneficial, so I can't think of any other way to improve it.” – SSAT – Olivia C.


“The course was very well planned out and I learned a lot.” – SSAT – Scott P.


“I think the work sheets were a HUGE help for me. I think I learned a lot and it was a big help"..."Overall it was a GREAT help for me."” – SSAT – Emily B.


“My experience at Ivy Global was quite helpful in guiding me towards preparation for the SATs. The teachers were very nice...both teachers were nice, especially Sarah. They both took their time explaining things and made sure everyone understood what was being taught” – SAT – Claire D.


“The various new strategies were very useful and the instructors actually care. (They were) very helpful with explaining questions and telling you specifically how you can improve. Overall, I think this course was very beneficial.” – SAT – Hayley R.


“I MADE IT!!!!! Thanks for all your help along the way and for making sure my essay was superb. Without you there is no acceptance letter from Dartmouth and I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did for my application.” – Consulting – Jerry P.


“(Instructor) managed to balance (good instruction) and a fun environment. Ivy Global offered an enlightening course while they kept it interesting. I hope to see (an) improved test score, as I already feel like I've learned a lot. I will come back to Ivy Global for all my future test (prep) needs. I was very pleased with the wide variety of course material.” – SAT – Mousafa K.


“(Instructor) was extremely helpful and incredibly intelligent. His teaching style and his knowledge of the LSAT are really impressive.” – LSAT – Cory B.


“I would not be able to tackle practice questions the way I can now without this course. I learned very valuable techniques that will improve my score greatly. The course was realistic and I truly enjoyed practicing questions once I knew how to approach them. (Instructor) is a phenomenal teacher and I appreciated his honesty and help.” – LSAT – Alyssa G.


“High level of professionalism. Very personable. Vastly improved my studying and test-taking skills.” – SAT – Brandon B.


“The course was very helpful and improved my SAT score by 400+ points. I liked how the teachers were young university graduates who understood our problems and were able to effectively help us.” – SAT – Vikranth D.


“The instructor had an answer to all questions and was very knowledgeable. All my emails were responded to promptly by all staff.” – LSAT – Monica P.


“Found the whole course was very beneficial. (Instructor) is an exceptional teacher and very down to earth person. Enjoyed every day doing the course and have no complaints.” – LSAT – Luke M.


“John is an amazing teacher. I have learned so much and wouldn't feel as prepared without all his help. He has offered us information that we could not have acquired anywhere else. Exceptional course!” – LSAT – Amandine A.


“It was an amazing time at Ivy Global. I enjoyed the lessons and I will surely come again.” – ACT – Kevin L.


“The people working here are kind. The instructors are awesome. Hope (instructor) will be my teacher next time.” – SSAT – Yigit K.


“"(Instructor) always explains things very well and makes things fun. She is a great (teacher)."” – SSAT – Jason T



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