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“Thank you so much for all your help! I got accepted to Harvard! I am so excited!” – Consulting – Jason L.


“Thank you Ivy Global! I'll be starting at Yale this fall! So excited! Just wanted to let you know!” – Consulting – Emma K.


“As you know I received my acceptances on Thursday. I am thrilled to report that I have been accepted to the Wharton School of Business at UPenn! This news absolutely made my year and I must thank you for all of your help.” – Consulting – Jack F.


“I MADE IT!!!!! Thanks for all your help along the way and for making sure my essay was superb. Without you there is no acceptance letter from Dartmouth and I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did for my application.” – Consulting – Jerry P.


“I've received most of my decisions from the US universities, and so far I am happy to say that I got into Dartmouth and Brown. Thank you to all the people at Ivy Global who worked with me and helped my application for around 4 months. Thank you so much!” – Consulting – Daniel K.


“Thank you very much Ivy Global! I got into Wharton School of Business at UPenn! Thank you so much for all your hard work!!” – Consulting – Barbara K.



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