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“Today I received my November SAT scores. I got 2400! Not only did I maintain my 800 in Reading, I also increased my Writing by 70 points, to 800, and my Math by 120 points, to 800. I thank you sincerely for your helping me prepare for the SAT. I could tell over the months when I was preparing that my skill in each SAT section was steadily increasing. I am extremely fortunate to have had an SAT tutor as knowledgeable, intelligent, articulate, and helpful as you are! Again, thank you very much!” – SAT – Socrates L.


“I loved [my teachers], they were really patient and enthusiastic about teaching! I came out of this way more confident about taking the SAT test. The group discussion, one-on-one tutoring, and reviewing homework as a class were helpful.” – SAT – Annika E.


“Both were fantastic instructors. They approached challenging topics from multiple angles and helped me to get comfortable with SAT logic and strategy.” – SAT – Megg M.


“Ivy Global is awesome for SAT prep!” – SAT – Connie D.


“Prior to taking this course, I wasn't sure what to expect on the SAT, but once I took Ivy Global's three week prep course, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses, and now I can work towards achieving my goals. Thanks, Ivy Global.” – SAT – Saad S.


“I found the debates and breakdown of formulas really helped me understand [the SAT exam] fully. I loved the social activities where everyone is open and shares different strategies and points of view.” – SAT – Chad B.


“I found the tips and tricks for grammar and reading very, very useful. The book(s) provided were also very helpful in studying for the exam. I found it helpful that we took up questions in class and discussed them as a group. This gave me a better understanding of what we were doing.” – SAT – Madhavan D.


“The course gave a broad and helpful overview of the SAT test. The Ivy Global course book is well formatted and thorough. The staff are all very friendly and dedicated to their work (especially (our instructor)).” – SAT – Megan N.


“Going through each section of math, reading, and writing was very helpful, as well as reviewing test-taking strategies and techniques. I had fun and I'd definitely recommend [the SAT course] to people.” – SAT – Fayola B.


“The instructions on critical reading and math were helpful. This was a great course!” – SAT – Kristen M.


“[The class] was a great experience and helped me understand key strategies for success.” – SAT – George P.


“My experience at Ivy Global was quite helpful in guiding me towards preparation for the SATs. The teachers were very nice...both teachers were nice, especially Sarah. They both took their time explaining things and made sure everyone understood what was being taught” – SAT – Claire D.


“The various new strategies were very useful and the instructors actually care. (They were) very helpful with explaining questions and telling you specifically how you can improve. Overall, I think this course was very beneficial.” – SAT – Hayley R.


“(Instructor) managed to balance (good instruction) and a fun environment. Ivy Global offered an enlightening course while they kept it interesting. I hope to see (an) improved test score, as I already feel like I've learned a lot. I will come back to Ivy Global for all my future test (prep) needs. I was very pleased with the wide variety of course material.” – SAT – Mousafa K.


“High level of professionalism. Very personable. Vastly improved my studying and test-taking skills.” – SAT – Brandon B.


“The course was very helpful and improved my SAT score by 400+ points. I liked how the teachers were young university graduates who understood our problems and were able to effectively help us.” – SAT – Vikranth D.



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