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“My son was accepted to both UCC and Crescent. And my daughter received an offer from Havergal. We are extremely happy and wanted to share this news with you. I couldn't believe that UCC's lower school principal came to my house (and) delivered the offer in person. And Crescent left a large school tie sticker on our door this morning. It was a big surprise! Again, thank you so much for all your help and we couldn't have done it without you! Thank you!” – SSAT – Jeffrey L.


“We wanted to let you know that Annique got into UTS. We wanted to thank you for helping her with the SSAT and with the stage 2 interviews. ” – SSAT – Nancy B.


“I think (instructor) was a great teacher. I really learned things that could help me a lot. I got to learn strategies and tips that would get me a better mark. Whenever you needed help, the teachers would always help you and explain in detail. The teachers are all very king and positive." ” – SSAT – Alyssa L.


“(Instructor) was a great teacher who never went off-topic and always thoroughly explained confusing questions. The books (especially the math textbook) were helpful, and taught me many new things. The course was very fun and beneficial, so I can't think of any other way to improve it.” – SSAT – Olivia C.


“This course was very helpful at making sure that I knew and understood everything and if I didn't (instructor) would help me understand it more.” – SSAT – Katie C.


“I found it helpful that (instructor) explained stuff really well and wouldn't mind explaining a second time. (Instructor) is really nice and is a really good instructor.” – SSAT – Nora H.


“The course was very well planned out and I learned a lot.” – SSAT – Scott P.


“I think the work sheets were a HUGE help for me. I think I learned a lot and it was a big help"..."Overall it was a GREAT help for me."” – SSAT – Emily B.


“The people working here are kind. The instructors are awesome. Hope (instructor) will be my teacher next time.” – SSAT – Yigit K.


“"(Instructor) always explains things very well and makes things fun. She is a great (teacher)."” – SSAT – Jason T



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