Developing a Roadmap

The road of schooling involves tricky twists and turns. In order to best navigate future challenges, we work closely with the student to develop a strategic plan. Our goal is to best equip the student to excel in both the short-term and long-term, recognizing the important value of long-term strategic planning. In determining which applicants to accept, elite college and universities consider the student’s success and progress throughout high school. With early planning, a student benefits from being able to carefully sculpt an impressive high school record from grade 9 through 12. Additionally, however, we recognize and are equipped to serve relatively short-term cases, where the student has less time to strengthen and develop his or her record. Our method of roadmap development is thorough, tactical, and flexible, recognizing the unique character and situation of each student.

Developing the Whole Person

We believe that true learning is holistic, and that true achievement is gained only through engaging the student as an individual. Our approach combines academic rigour with close personal attention. We work with the student to develop solid work habits and discover personal motivation for academic success. By sparking the student’s own interest in his/her future, we give life to the best possible guarantee of his/her future success.

Strong Mentorship and Guidance

The best learning occurs when the student and teacher have developed a close rapport and are able to trust and rely upon one another. Our tutors and instructors are unique in their ability to serve as academic exemplars and mentors. We hire only the most intelligent, successful, and personable teachers, and their high-quality instruction produces impressive results.

Expertise and Research

Our approach towards schooling, standardized testing, and admissions processes is informed by in-depth research. Our consultants have direct experience with the admissions processes of elite high schools, colleges and universities. Cognizant of how the systems actually function, we are able to provide valuable guidance to our clients.


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