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What is the MCAT?

The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is a computer-based standardized exam for applicants to medical schools in the United States and Canada. The MCAT assesses problem solving, critical thinking and written analysis in addition to knowledge of scientific concepts and principles. The MCAT in 2015 is scored from a low of 118 to a high of 132. The old test is scored out of 45 and also includes a written section.

Where can I register for the MCAT?

You can register for the MCAT at the website of the Association of American Medical Colleges, the organization that administers the test (www.aamc.org).

When can I write the MCAT test?

The MCAT2015 test schedules can be found here. The exam's duration is 7.5 hours.

How many times should I take the MCAT? Can I just send medical schools only my highest MCAT scores?

AAMC limits applicants to taking the MCAT a maximum of three times per year, and maximum one registration per session. Although some medical schools consider the highest of the applicant’s scores, others consider all of the scores; therefore, if an applicant feels that he has performed poorly on the MCAT, he might choose to cancel the score and try the test again the next time it is offered. However, an applicant may only void a score at the end of the examination, (long before his score becomes available); therefore, he must decide whether or not to cancel his score without knowing exactly how he performed.

Therefore, students should not attempt to write the MCAT until they have thoroughly prepared for the test. This is why we at Ivy Global make sure that our students have reached their potential and are achieving high MCAT scores on practice tests under realistic test conditions.

When do I have to write the MCAT by?

It is best to take the MCAT the same year you are applying for medical school. We recommend that you take the MCAT early to allow yourself the option of writing the test again.

Should I guess answers on the MCAT?

Absolutely. There is no penalty for guessing. For example, if you have ten seconds left and four questions unanswered on a section, you should just randomly guess on all of them.

When should I start to prepare for the MCAT?

That depends on how much you need to improve your score, and how many hours a day you can commit to studying for the MCAT. The summer is a great time to prepare for the test. Take a full practice test under realistic test conditions as soon as possible to identify the specific sections and question types that are challenging for you. Talk to one of our tutors or instructors to come up with a study plan to help you reach your full potential on the test.

What scores do I need to be a competitive applicant for medical school?

Examples MCAT Scores

School MCAT Scores
McGill University
10.7Q (2010)
University of Toronto
University of British Columbia
University of Western Ontario
min. 30 O combined
Dalhousie University
Memorial University of Newfoundland
University of Calgary
University of Manitoba

How important is the MCAT?

While a high MCAT score does not guarantee entry into medical school, a low score does render acceptance into selective schools unlikely. Most medical schools value the undergraduate GPA and the MCAT score roughly equally, but some places more emphasis on one or the other. If your undergraduate program or university is not particularly renowned, admissions officers may place more weight on your MCAT score. While GPA and MCAT are the most important factors, there are also other ones: your personal statement, reference letters, any graduate degrees, work experience, and extra-curricular activities. Some medical schools publish on their websites information on how they weigh the various criteria.

When do I get my scores?

Scores are given on different dates depending on when the examination was taken. Dates are listed here.

How long are my MCAT scores valid for?

Each school has their own policy for how long an MCAT score can be valid for. Generally though, they require that the scores be no more than two to three years old. Queen's, Western, and UofT medical school list on their websites that test results are valid for any test written within five years of the application submission.

If I write the MCAT multiple times, which scores are accepted?

Each school has their own policy regarding what MCAT scores are relevant. Schools may take into account all test scores, the most recent test scores, or only the highest test score. We recommend contacting each school individually to find out. UofT medical school states that the most recent scores are considered on their website.

How does score cancellation work?

You can cancel your score immediately after completing the examination at the test centre. There is a five minute period near the end where you are given the choice to void the exam.


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