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University of Ottawa - Faculty of Medicine

updated: February 2013
sources: University of Ottawa, wiki

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa is a bilingual medical school in Ottawa, Canada. It is located at a campus centred around Roger-Guindon Hall in the east end of Ottawa and is attached to the Ottawa Hospital's General Campus. The Health Sciences Complex is separate from the downtown University of Ottawa campus.

The current undergraduate MD program at the University of Ottawa is a 4 year program accepting about 160 students per year; 44 in the French stream and 116 in the English stream. All courses are offered in both languages and students can attend any course they choose. Exams are written in either language. The undergraduate MD curriculum has recently undergone major changes. The first year for the new curriculum was the 2008-2009 school year. Major changes include a more global teaching system with 1 cumulative exam per semester, the restrictions of classes to the hours between 8am and noon to allow students to complete more elective experiences as well as the institution of Self-Learning Modules (SLM) which the student complete on their own time outside of class.

The undergraduate medical school currently enrolls approximately 150 students annually and instruction is offered in both English and in French. The undergraduate medical society is known as the Aesculapian Society, and publishes a student bulletin by the name of The Pelican.

     University of Ottawa - Faculty of Medicine
     451 Smyth Rd.
     Ottawa, ON
     K1H 8M5


Applications Received 3269 (2008/09 - latest data available) (afmc.ca)
Entering Class Size Offered and registered: 145 (2008/09) (afmc data:)
Avg. Entering Class MCAT -
Avg. Entering Class GPA

Mean GPA: 3.91 (2011/12) (afmc data:)


Application Information


Application Open July
Application Deadline September 15 (online applications)
Submission Deadline October 1
MCAT Submission Deadline -
Application Fee $210 + $75 (institutional fee)
Admissions Office Undergraduate Medical Education Office
University of Ottawa
Faculty of Medicine
Rm. 2046-451 Smyth Rd.
Ottawa ON
K1H 8M5
Admissions Contacts Phone: 1-613-562-5409
Email: admissmd@uottawa.ca
Website: http://www.medecine.uottawa.ca/eng/
Online Application http://www.ouac.on.ca/omsas/
Supporting Documents An introduction letter must be sent directly to the Faculty of Medicine, indicating application to the program through OMSAS. Transcripts, Detailed Autobiographical Sketch, 2 Reference Letters. (MCAT not required)
Admission Prerequisites

2 semester courses in general biology including laboratory session,
2 semester courses in humanities or social sciences,
equivalent of 4 semester courses of the following chemistry courses: general
biochemistry without lab session, general chemistry with lab session, organic
chemistry with lab session


Program Information


Tuition $21,131.84 + $658.82 (incidental fees) for Canadian students

International students are eligible if they have obtained their PR status in Canada before the application deadline

Special Programs -

Education Bursary in Medicine

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