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Recommended SAT Books

We've put together a list of SAT books that we recommend. This list should keep even the most voracious of SAT test takers busy. In order to design the most effective SAT prep program for yourself, we recommend mixing and matching many of the books on the list. Any good program should center around the use of the Official Study Guide, which is the gold standard of SAT prep books.


The New SAT Guide 2nd Edition by Ivy Global

For students who will be taking the new, revised SAT test in 2016.

Ivy Global's New SAT Guide (2nd Edition) is the first, comprehensive test preparation book to help students ace the new 2016 SAT. The book features three full-length practice tests, and contains over 700 pages of drills and strategies.


The Official SAT Study Guide (2016 Edition) by The College Board

The Official SAT Study Guide includes 4 official SAT practice tests created by the test maker.


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