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Official SAT Practice Tests

A compilation of real SAT practice tests and sample questions available on the web. Although there are many "simulated" tests available, we recommend students to study using the SATs written by the College Board, the official test administrators.


Official SAT Practice Test 2012-2013 | Scoring Instructions

Official SAT Practice Test 2011-2012 | Scoring Instructions - Identical to the Official SAT Practice Test 2009-2010

Official SAT Practice Test 2007-2008 - March 2005 Administered Test

Official SAT Study Guide (2nd Edition) - 10 Official Exams (aka Blue Book)

Video Answers for Office SAT Study Guide (2nd Edition) (Khan Academy)

Answers & Explanations to Official SAT Study Guide

Official SAT Online Course - Download 10 more official exams in pdf format or take them online


SATVOCABULARY.US - 6000 Word List. Longest on the Web.

SAT Vocabulary by Ivy Global


Ivy Global Review Material


College Board SAT Practice Test #1 Answers and Explanation (Ivy Global)



SAT Essay Topics

Real Essay Topics from March 2005 - Dec 2007 - Compiled by an anonymous source.

Sample SAT Essay Prompts - From previously administered tests by the College Board.



More SAT Practice Resources


College Board SAT Question of the Day - Every day a new question is posted to help you answer SAT questions. - Practice your SAT Vocabulary with free SAT Vocabulary tests. - Practice SAT Math problems here.


Best SAT Books

SAT Tips by Ivy Global

SAT Vocabulary by Ivy Global



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