SSAT Program FAQ

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What services does Ivy Global offer for students preparing for the SSAT?

Ivy Global offers a number of services specifically tailored to students taking the Secondary Schools Admissions Test (SSAT). We provide private individual tutoring for the Elementary, Middle and Upper Level SSAT test. For classroom instruction we provide courses for the SSAT Middle Level test as well as the Upper Level Test.

Should my child take the Lower Level, Middle Level or Upper Level Exam?

There are three levels of the test: the Elementary Level for students in grades 3 and 4 who are applying to grades 4 and 5, the Middle Level for students in grades 5-7 applying for grades 6-8, and the Upper Level, designed for students in grades 8-11 who are applying for grades 9-12..

What are the key academic skills tested on the SSAT’s Math, Reading, and Verbal sections?

The key academic skills tested on the SSAT are:

  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Vocabulary
  • Logic (Analogies)
  • Reading Comprehension (Passage Analysis)
  • Reading Comprehension (Math Word Problems)
  • Essay Writing

Ivy Global’s instructors work with our students on strategies for improving each of these skills in depth, tailoring our classes according to the students’ strengths and weaknesses while giving a thorough grounding in all the material required to do well on the exam.

What is included in the One-on-One SSAT Preparation Tutoring Package?

Our One-on-One SSAT Preparation program offers the following resources:

  • 20 hours of one-on-one tutoring with a tutor specializing in the SSAT, either at our office at Yonge and Eglinton or at the student’s home.
  • 2 complete diagnostic tests and analysis of results to maximize improvement
  • Complete studying materials including flash cards, study guides, and exercises on strategy and key topic questions written by Ivy Global tutors.

What is included in the SSAT Prep Summer Courses?

SSAT Prep Summer Course (2 Week):

  • 25 hours of classes, 3 hours a day Monday to Friday over two weeks.
  • 2 complete diagnostic tests and analysis of results to maximize improvement
  • offers excellent intensive preparation for writing the October SSAT

SSAT Prep Crash Course (1 Week):

  • 15 hours of classes, 3 hours a day for Monday to Friday over one week.
  • 2 complete diagnostic tests and analysis of results to maximize improvement
  • Offers an excellent grounding in the skills/material tested on the SSAT – our crash courses are ideal either as an opening to the student’s studying or as a final refresher before the exam.

For more information about our Summer Prep Courses, click here.

Should my child take an SSAT class or private tutoring?

Ivy Global prides itself on providing our students with the knowledge, skills, and strategies they will need to do well on the exam while maintaining an environment that will give our students interest and motivation. Both our classes and private tutoring services offer thorough preparation in terms of the strategy and substance of the SSAT. The private tutoring option is best suited for those who work best in a one-on-one context. These students might include those with special learning needs or those who want to focus on only one or two of the three sections of the SSAT. The class option is an excellent choice for those who enjoy the classroom environment. Teamwork, friendly competition, and laughter are important aspects of our classes.

Will the student be taking practice exams during classes?

Yes. Experiencing the test under accurate test conditions is an integral element of test preparation. In each of our classes, students take practice exams and also write a substantial number of practice sections in true test conditions.


Will the student lose the information between the course and the test?

It is certainly vital for students to review course material after the course has ended until the date of the test. However, in general we recommend that students take the course early in their test prep schedule, to allow for maximum time to practice strategies and test-taking techniques. Students may find that they can continue to improve upon their weaknesses by reviewing, drilling, and writing additional practice tests while utilizing the strategies they’ve learned in our prep courses.


What is a typical class or tutoring session like?

The atmosphere is best described as friendly, intense, and engaging. We generally begin by taking up the homework and reviewing the vocabulary assigned the previous session and spend the majority of the sessions learning and practicing new material. As a general rule, early sessions in the package tend to be devoted towards reviewing and developing the basic skills tested on the exam: arithmetic, basic algebra, geometry, word problems, vocabulary, logic, essay writing, and strategic reading comprehension. Later sessions hone these skills, focus on areas of continuing difficulty, and offer additional techniques and strategies for maximizing the student’ s score. Later sessions also tend to incorporate longer sections of the practice exams as homework in order to develop time management skills and ensure that the student is very familiar with the format of the test.


Do classes run on holidays?

Unless otherwise noted, classes that are scheduled through a national holiday will run on that day.


Can I sample a class?

Students can arrange to drop in and observe one session of a currently running course in their location, as long as this is authorized by our office. Please call to schedule.


Do I get to choose my tutor?

We try to accommodate the student's request but the match depends heavily on the student's and the tutor's schedule. Regardless, we can assure you that our tutors are experienced, have exceptional academic credentials and a deep commitment to seeing their students succeed.

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