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SSAT Percentiles and Scoring

All questions on the SSAT are equal in value and scores are based on the number of questions correctly answered, less one-quarter point for each question answered incorrectly. No points are awarded or deducted for questions left unanswered. The scaled score for the Upper Level is 500-800 and for the Middle Level (formerly Lower Level) is 440-710.

The SSAT score report provides scaled scores for each section as well as percentile ranks for each category, comparing a student's score to others' who have taken the test in the past three years. Also in the score report are estimated national percentile ranks for 5-9 grade test takers and projected 12th grade SAT scores for test takers in grades 7-10.

Upon receiving his or her scores, students can send their results to the independent schools to which they wish to apply. Each school then evaluates the scores according to its own standards and requirements.

Median scores

  Grade Reading Verbal Math
Middle Level 5 569 584 563
6 593 614 593
7 611 638 614
Upper Level 8 629 662 647
9 644 683 668
10 656 695 686

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